Handmade with love

Every piece is unique

All goodydoo bracelets are handmade with love and a heart for animals. Every piece is unique so that you can be sure you’ll get your very own and individual bracelet that no one else owns.

All goodydoo bracelets’ beads are made of natural stone like quartz, agate crystal, ceramic or lava stone, that can provide you with special powers. Each piece of jewellery takes you on a journey to breath-taking places, hot deserts, crystal clear oceans and tropical islands. Get carried away into a world full of dreams, adventures and desires.

The bracelets’ smooth and silky beads are beautifully manufactured and feel great on your skin. High quality is important to us so that you can enjoy your bracelet for a very long time! Get inspired by goodydoo: Wear your bracelet and feel the natural stone`s positive vibes that come from the world’s most remote places.

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