Exotic Bali Clutches for the summer!

Endless beaches, fun beach parties and balmy summer evenings in street cafes – it doesn’t matter where you take your Bali Clutch, one thing is sure: with the exotic prints and two striking animal emblems in stainless steel you will be setting a trend and, at the same time, doing something for homeless animals. Summer will be beautiful with goodydoo …

Fair and sustainable with island flair

The beautiful goodydoo clutches are strictly limited as they are made lovingly by hand on the island of Bali.

Your Bali Clutch, made under fair conditions from high-quality woven cotton, is something really special. Grab one now!

Be free – Be happy

With your Bali Clutch you’re making yourself happy and at the same time you’re filling the food bowls of animals in need. So in a really fashion-conscious way you’re showing you have a heart for animals.

Helping is beautiful – like a long, warm sun-drenched day.

Exotic prints for summer

Exotic prints are a must-have this summer. With your goodydoo Bali Clutch you can really pep-up your outfit and are definitely trendy. You and your Bali clutch will really be eye-catchers..It will make every day perfect – whether it’s a stylish accessory for a beach party, a visit to a cafe or gives you the wow effect in the evening.


Get your must-have of this summer now! Choose your Bali Clutch and make it your favourite accessory of the season. With every Bali clutch you’re filling the food bowls in animal shelters. Is helping not beautiful?