Why goodydoo reminds me of Scotland

For a long time I was dreaming of a new challenge. With a small adventure I wanted to surpass myself and get away from the daily grind. Nature was calling me – to be exact: the Scottish highlands. I set off with my most important companions: camera, walking boots and my goodydoo bracelet.

But just as I arrived at Glasgow airport my plans seemed to go wrong. I wanted a new challenge and here it was: Half an hour I was sitting dead still in my rental car and encouraged myself to conquer the terrifying left-hand traffic.
After convincing myself that everything is going to be alright, the real adventure began. For a week I was driving through Scotland and couldn’t help but be astonished throughout the whole journey. Against its rainy reputation the land of whiskey and bagpipes welcomed me with sunshine and blue skies.


Of course there are plenty of places worth seeing in Scotland. I am always looking for perfect photo spots and breathtaking landscapes, so Scotland was the ideal destination. There were numerous waterfalls to take pictures of and those in search for an adrenalin rush jumped straight into the ice-cold water. Taking the A82 through the valley of Glen Coe I saw the highland paradise. I was looking at infinte wideness and solitude and in contrast to that moss-grown mountains. A visit to a real scottish castle or its remains was a must, if I wanted to dive into the history of the country.


But my absolute favorite thing to do was driving and being amazed at every corner. The nature is indescribable. The roads offer little lay-bys, so just stop there, get out of your car and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.



Scotland is so diverse and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I have learned to keep on going even when it get’s tough. On my way up Conic Hill I thought: I can’t make it! But I pulled myself together and the stunning view over Lake Loch Lomond was worth it all.


Never in my life will I forget my trip to Scotland. No one can take away from me the impressions and experiences I have made. Every time I look at my goodydoo bracelet now, I walk down memory lane and it feels like I am back in the Scottish highlands full of joy and happiness.


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